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Jesse Clark offers 5-day sculling camps periodically throughout the summer focusing on sculling for beginners*, or sweep rowers who do not have sculling experience.

Clark joined the George Mason University (GMU) team under Bob Spousta and after graduation rowed with the Potomac Boat Club (PBC) elite scullers. He currently is Spousta’s assistant coach at GMU and is the Head Coach of the James Madison HS boys.

OBC sculling camp participants will learn the basics of safe and efficient boat handling. The goal is for scullers to complete the week on the water feeling confident in their ability to handle a racing single on their own. Most of a camper’s time on the water is spent learning to scull in a Peinert racing single (1x) and the occasional double (2x).

Each camp session is five days, beginning about 9:45am and ending around 2pm. Each day includes:

  • water sessions,
  • video technical review sessions on land,
  • dockside talks, and
  • demonstrations.

Emphasis is on:

  • proper sculling mechanics and maintaining balance and stability throughout the stroke,
  • effective generation of speed,
  • proficient navigation,
  • boat maintenance,
  • rules on the water, and
  • successful training methods.

Campers are put through various drills designed to emphasize basic sculling principles, and they are video recorded to point out areas where corrections are needed, and to demonstrate their progress throughout the week.

2017 sculling camp sessions:

May 29th-June 2nd M-F 9:45 AM-2 PM
June 19th-23rd M-F 9:45 AM-2 PM
July 24th-28th M-F 9:45 AM-2 PM
July 30th-August 5th M-F 9:45 AM-2 PM
August 7-11 M-F 9:45 AM-2 PM
August 14-18 M-F 9:45 AM-2 PM

Fee is $350.00 per camper per session.

Registration is underway.

Registration closes a week prior to each session; details are on the registration website at Ronin (link below).

Each session is limited to six (6) campers.

OBC requires release of liability waivers. Clark will also email with registrants to ensure they are aware of and capable of the demands of the camp prior to each session’s start. *This camp is NOT for total novices as stated on the Ronin website description.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Jesse Clark (moc.liamgnull@77ralcej).


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