Current OBC Fleet Inventory – 4 September 2017

OBC maintains a fleet of 13 singles, 8 doubles (one of which may be rigged as a pair), and 3 quads (one of which may be rigged as a straight four). Oars include over 30 sets of Croker, Dreher, and Concept 2 sculls and two sets of Concept 2 sweeps.


OBC # Description Weight Class Weight Range (lbs)

S01 Peinert 26 Mid-Heavy 150-210
S03 Peinert x25 Light-Mid 110-150
S05 Peinert x25 Light-Mid 110-150
S06 Peinert x25 Light-Mid 110-150
S08 Peinert x25 Light-Mid 110-150
S11 Peinert 26 Mid-Heavy 150-210
S12 Fillipi 1x Heavy 190-236
S13 Peinert x25 Light-Mid 110-150
S14 Peinert 26 Mid-Heavy 150-210
S15 Peinert x25 Light-Mid 110-150
S16 Peinert x25 Light-Mid 110-150

S02 (spare) Peinert x25 Light-Mid 110-150
S09 (spare) Peinert 26 Mid-Heavy 150-210

D01 Hudson 2x Light 130-170
D04 Hudson 2x Heavy 180-210
D05 Hudson 2x (Carol Platner) Light 115-145
D06 Hudson 2x (black deck) Mid 155-195
D07 Hudson 2x (red deck) Mid 155-195
D08 Hudson 2x / pair (Tricia Smith)** Light – Mid 130-195
RD10 Hudson 2x (gray) / RESTRICTED Light – Mid 115-195
RD11 Hudson 2x / RESTRICTED Mid 155-195
RD12 Hudson 2x / RESTRICTED Mid 155-195

In Boathouse 2:

Q01 Vespoli 4X/4- ** Hvy 175-210
RQ02 Vespoli 4X Restricted Light 115-145
RQ03 Hudson 4X (Marge) Restricted Mid 155-200

Restricted: Rower(s) must be experienced and have a board member’s approval to row.

*Average rower weight.

** To have these shells re-rigged for sculling, please 1) discuss the matter with the sweeps crews, and 2) contact the commodore.



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