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Culling Inactive OBC Members from Facebook PageĀ 

As published on Facebook today, June 1:

Hello — To ensure that the content shared here is reaching all the current members who are also on Facebook, I am going to cull the members listed on this group per the current and paid members on Ronin as of yesterday, May 31.

If you are on this page and you’re not a current paid OBC member, please contact Stephen Roberts to discuss your membership and any plans to continue it.

On Friday, June 3, I will delete members who are present here but not listed as paid on Ronin.

All content here is shared on the website, as well as via email, so you may always go to the website to learn about OBC if you’re removed from this page.

Thank you.

Molly Field, OBC Communications Director

ps — please remember to dock your OBC shell stern first. Thank you for your cooperation!

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