About OBC

From The Communications Director

Hi All —

Full disclosure: the Communications Director is a brand-new OBC Board position for 2016, so your patience is much appreciated.

Among many great ideas, we are hoping to unfurl a Twitter account, a virtual weather station, news about OBC gear and branding, and others.

Regarding this www.rowOBC.org website, we’ve got plans, including:

  • An interactive current 2016 events calendar
  • Meetings minutes
  • Treasurer’s reports
  • Community news: Who makes up OBC? We have lots of talented people in our organization, and it’s time we met each other off the water.

Laws of space and time dictate that we can address these things one stroke at a time, so please do check out the OBC Members Access Facebook group for other information and updates.

If you have trouble accessing that website, please sending an email to Molly Field moc.liamgnull@dleiftyllom, subject line: “OBC FB PAGE ACCESS REQUEST.”

Kind regards,

Molly Field, 2016 OBC Communications Director

  • Current Weather at Sandy Run
  • Please share water conditions via email to Molly Field at mjtfield@verizon.net

  • Weather at Sandy Run